Just wanted to express my satisfaction with Dynomotion products.
I have built a 6x10 router with 3 spindles. there are 2 100 in.lb AC servos
slaved for moving my 800lb gantry, a 50in.lb. ac for the Y and 3 steppers
for the 3 Z axis.
the servos are running off of "Snapamps" at 78v ,steppers are using 10microstep drives driven in open collector mode, the main card is KFLOP,
The biggest challenge I had was complete ignorance of C programming.
Tom at Dynomotion has given me unlimited support, and taught me a lot along the way.
I spent about $1050 for servo card,amps,cnc software[included]and $300 on the stepper drives..
the end result is a big heavy machine that really Rocks,with true closed loop ,


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