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With the online portal CNCzone you will find the best preconditions to optimize your contacts, to generate leads and place relevant presence directly on your target group.
We are glad to find customized solutions for your individual requirements and targets for your success.

Recurrent trade visitors with long browsing times in a constantly growing knowledge base speak for themselves. CNCzone is a part of IndustryArena GmbH, which was founded in 2001.
With more than 550,000 registered members, it is the leading specialist portal for the manufacturing industry. With our work we support the online presentation of prominent manufacturers in their target group.

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We offer the following features with Robust Targeting Options

Targeting You can target your flights and campaigns by language, browser client and Country (IP).
Site/Zone Targeting - You can specify zones on particular sites, and target flights and campaigns to them.

Type of Banners: Rich media including HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS, Images, Email ads, Mobile ads, Feedback ads