I have heidenhain hr330 jogwheel unit from old CNC machine. I am rebuilding ancient controlling hardware with modern parts. However, i'd like to connect HR330 jogwheel to new controlling systems, i just don't understand signal device sending to me.

I don't see any connection about what it send to that what buttons i press. Actuyally i am not sure about settings with serial connection settings (baudrate etc....) either. I have asked advice from heidenhain, but they don't seems want advice with this matter at all. Only document i have got from them are datasheet which shows connector pin order.

Its same interface with hr130, actuyally probably all heidenhain wheels with serial interface have same interface i think. I just cant find any documentation about it directly.

Data i get from device by polling with DTR, if i press buttons i see that signal changes with oscilloscope, but it seems to be just random trash without knowledge what it really means. Have tried with terminal also, with dozen of different serial settings, no succes.

Theres some documents, pictures and other things about problem, pages are at finnish language. Sorry about that.
Connection sheet: http://savpek.kapsi.fi/lib/exe/fetch...connection.pdf

Picture of "idle" signal which device send when nothing have happened or enable button isnt down: cnc:hr330_no_press.png [Pekka Savolainen, Dokumentaatio]

cnc:hr330_f_and_wheel.png [Pekka Savolainen, Dokumentaatio] real datasignal with unknown information.

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