Hi I have a Multicam Router S2 (Australia) that I am considering upgrading the electronics but presently it's still running on ToolPath and it's original AXYZ boards.

I've recently had an error come up when operating the ATC and I cannot work out how to solve it.

The error code is 823. Referring to the Multicam AMC Error Codes Manual, the error code listed for 823 is:
Error 823
The head is not at the X, Y tool change position.
Machine has lost origin. Abort job (Function 9), Home Machine (Function 12), Seek Job Origin
(Function 13). Re-start job at selected shape.

This code appears on the handheld controller whenever the spindle is above the ATC and the controller prompts to 'Manual Release (T?)'. This happens when starting a job, doing a Function 4, Function 352 etc. The ATC board seems to be ok in that the status LEDs seem to flash during related actions and it will even index to the selected tool if I do a Function 4 on a tool not already above the air cylinder which lift the tool to the spindle.

The issue seems to have randomly presented the day following refacing a spoil board. I've reset the ATC via Function 350 a few times but the Error 823 keeps popping up.

I can run the machine as a non ATC machine, but my only next big idea to get the ATC functioning again is to clear the OS from the AXYZ control board and let ToolPath reload it, but I'm nervous that I could mess things up more.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Ross