I have a probotix meteor that I've had for about a year and am finally getting the hang of using it but I went to start up today and upon hitting the power on button in linuxcnc I was met with a joint 1 on limit switch error preventing me from even a power on. When I first got the machine after about 10 hrs of use this error popped up suddenly and shut the machine down. I traced it back to a faulty solder joint connecting the +Y and -Y switches. Since then I have not had a problem until today. So I removed the spoil board to check out the switches and noticed they looked ok. My first thought was that a switch itself had failed but I bypassed the switch by disconnecting the wires and just wiring them together and still no luck. So I am guessing that I may have a bad wire somewhere. This machine has switches on both sides of the Y axis but the other switch looks fine too. I bought the machine pre-configured so I have very little knowledge of how these machines are wired/configured. I am assuming I am going to have to trace these wires back to the pins and test from there. Does anyone have any suggestions that might make my life easier? Also, does anyone know how to disable the limit swtches for that axis just so I can get this project finished? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

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