I have broken my CNC'ed G0619 machine and am having trouble getting it going again. The problem occurred while I was changing the reed switch on a spindle brake (from Priest Tools). The reed switch is in series with the e-stop switch and when I connected the leads to the read switch I didn't notice that one of them was shorted to the machine frame (actually the brake frame which is bolted to the machine frame). When I powered up the mill I heard a pop or a relay going and the LCD display and everything else was dead.

The inline fuse and the fuse on the power/motor driver board are good. There is AC power (110V) coming onto the power board but it doesn't seem to be getting thru the power relay. The board I have has the daughter card on it.
I also know that the chip guard contacts are closed since I took the guard off when I first got the machine and shorted the terminals on the front panel board. I have also verified continuity between the e-stop switch and K3-K4 to the power board.

I have collected all of the documentation I can from this forum and others and read everything I could. While I have schematics (unfortunately, conflicting and without version numbers) and the main wiring diagram from the Grizzly manual, I don't have a detailed machine wiring diagram so I can't trace signals.

My problem is that I cannot figure out where the voltage that picks the power relay comes from. One side of the relay coil is connected to neutral and the other side seems to get line voltage from somewhere to pick the relay. The question is from where and through what interlocks does this voltage come from?

BTW, I contacted Grizzly Tech Support and they don't have any of this information and were of no help. They list a replacement board in the parts section but have none in stock. I also was told it is a 5 month lead time to get a replacement board from Sieg..I have a complete electronics shop and should be able to fix this board (if that is where the problem is) but the lack of information has me stopped dead.

Does anyone have a detailed machine wiring diagram or anything at all that can help me with this?

Al Testani

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