About 10 years ago I converted my X2 minimill to CNC by using Hoss Machines plans. The conversion worked great, the plans were excellent, but unfortunately when I got to Mach 3, I didn't do so well. In fact the poor X2 CNC was relegated to a dusty corner, and sat there until 2 weeks ago. That's when I learned about Centroid CNC's Acorn controller (Acorn CNC controller, Step and Direction 4 axis CNC Control board with ethernet communication.DIY CNC kit), that does not use Mach 3 or 4, and also uses Windows 10 and a touch screen monitor. It's a great system!

So I now have a operating CNC milling machine that is simple to use! And it works dependably!

As I've progressed thru the process I've been "learning the machine and it's controller software", one aspect of which is the ball screw compensation process. Everything that moves has to have backlash, somewhere, or someplace, to some degree. I've gone thru my X and Y axis, and have them perfect. But my Z axis, that's my problem.... mostly because I don't remember how I built it, I also don't remember where I put the conversion instruction manual, and I can't contact Hoss Machine with the email addresses I've found.

All of which leaves me asking for help from you guys. The Z axis has a "stack of bearings" that has the ball screw nuts on the "outsides" (or ends of the "stack"). The "stack" has set screws keeping things aligned, but while I've removed the set screws, I can't make any progress on removing the excessive backlash that's there now. Mostly because I'm being very careful and not using any hammers (large or small), large wrenches, or other blunt objects.

I'm sure it's a simple process, and will take only a moment to resolve... if I only knew what I was doing. So if anyone has any idea as to how Hoss Machine designed his Z axis bearings, or how to tweak the backlash in it, I'll be extremely grateful. Appreciative too!


Chris D.
Winters, CA

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