Hopefully this is the best sub-forum to post this question, but if not let me know & I'll move or repost it.

I'm waiting on my new CNCRP Pro 4896 to get here & in the meantime I'm trying to gather information & parts to put my vacuum table together.

My plan is from the bottom up is 3/4" or 1" MDF bolted to the table then I plan on either using glue or epoxy to attach my Pentium material - here is the main question do I
1.) Use MDF & deal with sealing all edges.
2.) Use HDPE - I'm just not sure of stability
3.) Use Versatex - I'm not sure of the stability & if the versatex will need sealed.
4.) Use Phenolic - this would be the easiest but also most expensive Peidmont Plastics quoted me $780 for 3/4" C OR CE.

Then I'll glue ultralight MDF to the top of the plentum.

So far my only purchase is 4 - Lighthouse Enterprises 122178-18 vacuums and gaskets.
Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you
Gary Wiant

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