Thanks to Mike Queen at WinCnc, I've got my rotary axis (B-axis on my machine) working. My machine, an Automated Precision Equipment 200HD has the rotary on the far right about 5" off the spoil board. The rotary is parallel with Y-axis, and wraps X-axis. I'm working in Vectric Aspire 9.510, I was noticing that when I cut a profile the B-axis would revolve 35 times before the Y-axis would advance the tool. Seems like a lot of wasted time. I ran an "Optimized Raster" for rounding the square stock, and then started my profile cut. Any thoughts? Do I have to go into my Wincnc.ini file and change the B-axis settings (hope not, I'm not that savvy with the post processor software)? By the way, I was running 3-D Raster Along X.

Steve Weaver

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