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    Default Field repair vs fabrication

    So I started my welding career by getting cosy with the repair guy at my old job.

    He took me on as an apprentice and taught me basic steal mig and aluminum weld prep.

    As of today, I've been working as a semi trailer mechanic and trying to sharpen my welding skills with field repairs, however I'm assuming you all know how unorthodox that is.

    But one question that's been on my mind has been; do fabricators has the same back issues as field repair? Is there a way you guys manage it?

    I've found myself in some tight spots, but even with bench top work I find myself craning my neck to inspect the workpiece.

    I guess to summarize, how does fabrication wear on your back as apposed to field repair?

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    I´m not sure if I understand correctly your question.

    Normally in a manufacturing facility every department is engineered in such a manner that they can operate at the maximum efficiency with the highest possible quality for the product they make. As such their work areas are designed for a rather confortable way of working. In many cases it is possible to move, rotate, etc. whatever workpiece they can be working with.

    On the other hand, service personnel cannot usually manipulate with such freedom the parts they are to service as they are already installed and at the work point. That way it´s very common that they have to act as acrobats to fulfill their goals.

    From my perspective machine design for serviceability is of prime importance. One needs to understand that sooner or later the machine, part, system or whatever we make will eventually need to be serviced.

    After some years of uphill fight I got the machine design department to be moved to my facility.

    Persuading them to design for serviceability was not too difficult. I had them touring for some time servicing their own machines. Believe me, they really got the idea.

    After all this spiel I think it all comes down to how difficult and uncomfortable your job is, is ultimately dependent upon the design of the machinery.

    From my perspective as you mention I don´t see any immediate action you could take to make your job easier. Perhaps getting some advice from others who do the same job. Or spying them? Some people are very selfish and don´t like to share what they know.

    Good luck and regards.

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Field repair vs fabrication

Field repair vs fabrication

Field repair vs fabrication