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    Hello I want to build my CNC from 4mm steel tubes. For this I need to weld several parts. For me it is the second time I do welding and the first time using a Tig welder. So I have some questions what you can recommend. I watched several YT videos and will also train before on scrap metall.
    For the welding I have some basic questions.
    What diameter should I choose for my Tig welding tip/tungsten?
    I am not sure which type of welding rod I can get hands on. What should I look for. I will use basic steel can't say the exact material.
    For the joints I have also some questions. I was reading that I should leave a gap between my welding parts so that the welder also connects inside and not only on the surface. But I have some parts where this is not possible. For example I want to weld on some plates to thicken my steel on some parts so I can do a thread inside. Should I maybe grind an angle on the edges of the plate so the welder can access more the inside.
    Sorry I know these will be stupid questions for somebody doing it for longer. But I am really keen to learn more..

    P.s. I live in Vietnam where I don't speak the language. So it's sometimes difficult to get the right material.

    Regards Felix

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First timer welding

First timer welding