I just began working with Kano Laboratories products, and wanted everyone with a CNC to have the opportunity to use the best industrial lubricants on the market.

This listing is for a 2oz bottle with precision needle application tip of Kano Labs molecular penetrating lubricant SiliKroil for $10 shipped in the US. I also have 8oz dropper bottles pictured above for $15 shipped in the US. If anyone would like larger quantity orders please message me at Storm2313@gmail.com. If your wondering if what I sell is genuine please review my eBay store's feedback https://www.ebay.com/str/edealersdirect

Please contact me directly to take advantage of this pricing at the email above.

SiliKroil is well known with large corporations as Kano Labratories has been serving 480 out of the 500 Fortune 500 companies since 1939. Kano truly understands the science of developing products that work without any hype. Here's some videos of the standard Kroil in action. Keep in mind SiliKroil with silicone offers even more penetration.

This is simply the best oil to use for your electric, nitro, and gas engines, and servos, but can be used for a multitude of applications from household, automotive, firearms, and watches.

Here's the research report.

Kano Kroil revives a dead wrench.

MilSurper's Friend: Kroil

Knife maintenance with kroil

What Fortune 500 companies use SiliKroil?

Rolls Royce
Exxon Mobile
Shell Oil
U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines
U.S. Steel
Anheuser Busch
Caterpillar Tractor
Proctor & Gamble
Colgate Palmolive
E.I. Dupont
Johnson & Johnson
Union Pacific
Owens Corning
International Paper
(You can add your name/business name here!)

You may have heard of Kroil which is an iconic legend in the fire arms industry (Use Google for reference) for its superior penetrating power for extremely tight tolerances. Silikroil provides Kano's Kroil standard chemistry with the addition of silicone for ultra-low surface tension.

This penetrating lubricant allows for one millionth of an inch penetration (.000001in) to free rusted, and seized bolts. This lubricant is ultimately the "Jack Of All Lubricants" as it can be used as a general lubricant replacing virtually all other commercially off the shelf products.

This lubricant incorporates the following properties:

- Penetrates - Creeps into openings as small a millionth of an inch to loosen frozen metal parts. Also works excellent as a mold release.
- Lubricates - Carries silicone-enhanced lubrication into infinitely small spaces to keep parts moving.
- Dissolves rust - Breaks down the crystals of iron oxide so that stuck-together parts can be loosened easily.
- Displaces moisture - A SiliKroil surface repels and displaces moisture and inhibits corrosion, and rust
- Resists arcing - High dielectric strength resists electric current.
- Prolongs tool life when used as a cutting fluid. Excellent for tapping, milling, and drilling. Simply the best all purpose machining lubricant.

This lubricant is very costly to produce, and must be purchased in either aerosols, or large bulk with additional Hazmat shipping fees which means its certainly not the most practical investment to make for personal use, or commercial applications when compared to off the shelf offerings, until now.

Keeping that in mind average product loss when dealing with aerosols is at least 20% of your investment in over spray, and leakage from their outdated tips. Aerosol application methods also makes precision application all but useless. These 2oz bottles with precision needle tip assure your applications get the correct amount of lubrication right where you need it while virtually eliminating all product waste for all your applications at a cost well within everyone's budget.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For loosening frozen parts such as nuts, screws, pulleys, bearings, bushings, etc. apply 2-3 drops of SiliKroil as close to the joint as possible. Wait 1-2 minutes before turning. Depending on the size and condition of the part, it may be necessary to repeat the process. For cutting, filing or sawing, apply SiliKroil close to the cutting edge to keep tool cool and prolong tool life. For separating clay or cement from dies and tools, wet the surface thoroughly before each use. Excellent for cleaning gun barrels, and general fire arm servicing. Application for general lubrication is 1-2 drops per part as this is an industrial lubricant.

Shipping for SiliKroil is done according to USPS shipping policies, and must be shipped through ground transport only. Unfortunately International shipping isn't possible do to all carriers shipping regulations. eDealers direct has full authorization to distribute Kano Labratories products.

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