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    Default Chinese 6090 4Axis 2.2KW

    Hello everyone!

    I am about to buy a CNC machine for my workshop, I am interested in cutting hardwoods and aluminum mostly.

    I have prior experience with CNC machines but very big ones as I was working as a shop manager for a university.

    I want the CNC to occasionally make bases for my products, or prototypes for machines I make like 3d printers and custom extruders.
    I wont be using the CNC everyday so I don't think a professional expensive CNC is the right choice for me.

    I was looking into Openbuilds, Workbee and Lead CNC but they seem to be more of an entry level hobbyist machine with a weak noisy spindle which I soon would have to replace.

    Doing some research I came across the Chinese CNC machines like the 4060 and 6090.

    I am interested in the 6090 with a 2.2kw water cooled spindle, ballscrew drive system and Mach3 USB controller.

    I was hoping someone here has purchased this machine and has some real feedback to give me.

    In any case any feedback is very welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Chinese 6090 4Axis 2.2KW

    690 2.2kw spindle process solid wood ok .

    process aluminum , suggest bigger power spindle ,constant type water cooling ,mist sprayer , some one add water cooling and water chanel ,if you main process aluminum.
    water cooling spindle cut aluminum

    How use 1325 6kw constant water cooling spindle to cut 3mm thickness aluminum panel

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Chinese 6090 4Axis 2.2KW

Chinese 6090 4Axis 2.2KW

Chinese 6090 4Axis 2.2KW