Hello - I own a rather large fab shop that mostly deals with commercial framing and accessories. We have about a dozen press brakes, a fiber laser, punch presses, a few shears, 4 rollformers, etc. About a year ago we were approached by one of our customers to mill some aluminum parts so I bought 3 Haas mills and off we went. Since then I've been machining all kinds of parts in addition to making dies and repair parts for our other equipment. I had no idea what I was doing but have been around machines of various types all my life and took to it fairly quickly.

Now this company wants parts that need to be turned so I need a lathe. I want something that can definitely do these but also has the capability to make parts for our machines that we have had to sub out in the past.
The parts that for sure are required are .75 round 6061 with a thread at one end and some grooves. Some are 5" long some are 10". They also have some holes in them that I can either use live tooling with a 90 or set up in the mill. Obviously would prefer to do it with one set up.

I have about $40k to play with so I am going used obviously. Bar feeder would be a big plus or at least the ability to add one.

I would be happy to hear any suggestions.

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