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Have you tried Little Machine Shop?

See attached link:


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Update Jeff.
Was going to order the full head in the link but got a pretty good deal on a new machine exactly the same as what I have.
Wanted a bigger 1kw one but was too short of funds.

Going to swap the heads over and use the inaccurate one mainly for drilling.
Taking my 1204 screws out and replacing them with 1605's.
Converting the new one using the 1204's.
Already have the elecs and the pc so why not

I normally make RC parts like motor mounts so at least now I can use the other one for spotting, drilling all the holes.
Will free up the main one so it can just keep on chipping rather than tying it up for a week drilling holes
Just need to make sure I don't mess up on programming Mach

This will keep me out of mischief for a few weeks. Given myself a bit to do.