I'm interested to buy a laser cutting machine. I looked over the web and I found this offer on eBay : NEW CUTTING ENGRAVER/50W CO2 LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE UP & DOWN PLATFORM k4 | eBay

I'm really interested about chinese machines, because I'm student in architecture (so with a small budget !). I found also the web site of a person who bought his machine to York Laser, and he seems to be satisfied. (nio's stuff » “Ichiro”). It seems that the eBay offer is the same machine as the York Laser model of this guy...

Finally, I contacted the seller on ebay, I asked him this :
"I'm very interested by your laser machine. I would know why the shipping prices are so high for France (this is close to England yet) ? And if it's really so expensive for shipping, I would know if we can search the machine directly in England ?"

And he responded that :
"The total price (shipping cost + price) for 1 piece is 1820 GBP .It will take about 3-6 days to your hand. After we send out the item, then we will send you the tracking number to your email and then you can track it at any time as you like.
Our total price (price + shipping cost) already is the lowest price on eBay. It is nearly no profit sale. Hope that you can understand. We will provide the best service to you including the delivery service and warranty service.

And sorry ,my fierend,it is imppossible because this item is very big and the laser tube included in the machine is very fragile. so we need to use very strict way to package this item so that you can get the good and useful item . if you pick up ,both of us will worry about its lost during the delivery process .it is not good for both of us . besides ,even if you pick up the item ,the whole price is the same as we send it to you .because the whole market price there and if we exchange randomly ,we may be punished or excluded by other sellers in our this industry ,so we hope you can be considerate of us."

So I would ask you if you can advice me about this offer. If you think that it's a fake , a scam, or I can trust him ?
And otherwise, if you have other advices about York Laser models or other chinese companies ?

Thank for your help,

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