I've updated the S2L to a 12 bit Dac for smoother control and no dither. The original used an 8 bit Dac that gave a resolution of +- 128 levels of 0-10V output. I'm now using a 12 bit serial Dac that has a +- 2048 count resolution. The price is the same ( $89.95 )

I've also added a few new features into the firmware for easier setup. And i will be making a Youtube Video soon on setting it up and tuning.

All rev2 S2L boards can be converted to the new Dac and Firmware. You would have to send me back the boards and i charge $30 per board plus shipping. Email me for more details.

Larry K
Viper Servo motor products
Larken Automation

Email: Larken@storm.ca

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