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    Just bought a new Torus Pro, on order from Novakon, thank you John! So, since two objects cannot occupy the same point at the same time (I did pay attention in Physics class) the old one needs to go.
    Everything works, except will need a new spindle motor (it works, but there is a bearing going out, so it will need to be replaced, $475 from the manufacturer. (Machine is cutting a project right now as I write this, so still usable as of this moment, but it will need to be done). Also, I have disabled the homing and travel limit switches
    travels: x:22, y:14, z:16
    It is wired for a 4th axis, but I have never used it, as I do mostly 3 axis work.
    I recently upgraded the motion control board and spindle speed control to PWM.
    Some other details:
    - manufactured new in November, 2009
    - controlled by Mach 3 software under Windows 7
    - dedicated control computer has 2 logical disk drives, with many gigabytes free, all the space you will likely ever need
    - R8 spindle
    - upgraded coolant hose
    - includes machine stand shown in photos (which has some storage, and holds coolant tank and pump)
    - machine has spent its time cutting aluminum
    - wired for 220 VAC single phase (same as an electric clothes dryer); control electronics wired for 110 VAC
    - I have a machine vise I can include (not the one shown in the photo, it is cleaner!)
    - oh, almost forgot, machine comes with a full metal, factory made enclosure, not shown in the photos, machine came with it, I just never used it.
    - last two photos show the machine cleaned up, with splash guards removed so you can see the table. Table has some cosmetic staining from where the vise sat, but this is cosmetic only and the table surface is in very good condition.
    I have had alot of fun with this machine, bought it 5 years ago with 100 hours on it, and now it has about 12,000 hours of power on time, and is still going strong. Used it for many light cuts and detailed engraving.
    I have two modifications on this machine: 1) improved stress relief on x-axis motor cable, and 2) installed cooling fan 'on" switch so the cooling fan stays on constantly
    All of my work has been on plates mounted above the table level, so there are no tool crashes into the table.
    I was going to price the machine at $9,000, but am allowing $500 for a new spindle motor, and $500 for your time to mess with it (will probably take most of an afternoon), and the rest for a low price to get it moved quickly.
    I work as an artist, so I used this machine for tool making, and for artwork. All of my work is one of a kind pieces, so not used for mass production. So, new machine is on the way, and this one needs to go. In fact, I am ordering an upgraded model of this same mill, I liked it so much. I also have taig mill, this is much more capable and has coolant; I have also looked at a few others, Haas, Milltronics, Prototrak and a few others, this is smaller than those larger machines, large enough for large work, but small enough can still be used in a home or garage shop.

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Torus Pro for sale - ,500

Torus Pro for sale - ,500