i'm sure this is a issue more people have had.

i had to do a clean install of windows 7 (32bit) because of issue's with visual c++ file missing.
i then installed mach3 again.
before i did i took screenshots of the installed programs in control panel.
there were 2 PCI controllers installed
1: PCI multi-io controller
2: PCIe to peripheral adaptor

i'll add some pics of the screens and the hardware of the pc.
i was able to install the PCI multi-io controller back.

issue: when i run the driver test from the mach3 folder i get the message "no driver sensed installed".
if i look at my drivers i see a "mach3 pulseing engine" and under it "unknown device"

below it under other devices:

- PCI simple communications controller
it has a yellow exclamation mark

looking at any of the drivers properties, it says no driver installed.
the pc has a parallel port, and it used to run mach3 fine before the clean install.

here is a link to all the screenshots and pic they are too big to upload here.

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