I'm new here and have just set up my new CNC Router purchased from ebay. When I purchased the only version available was the Parallel port version. No USB stock available. I went looking for a PCIe Card to add a LPT port to my PC which is reasonably new and without builtin LPT port. I think all of the forum posts ask for what card will work but not many posts giving actual info on what card does work.

I purchased the above UNITEK card, works with Mach3 however you need to change the port address in config to 0xC010 from the default address.
I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and bought the card from MSY.com.au it was $25.

I was very happy with the ebay sellers response when the supplied software cd did not work. The seller price was significantly lower than other sellers too, so quite happy with my purchase.

Now to learn how to use this beast.


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