Here is my setup. I have a Haas UMC-750. We send programs to this machine through RemoDNC software. The dnc software communicates to the machine through the Ethernet port on the computer to a DE-311 Moxa Ethernet to Serial device server which is connected to the RS-232 port of the machine. I have 20+ machines connected this way and they have always worked flawlessly. The Haas has always worked flawlessly as well until we started running more complicated parts which required adaptive tool paths. This pushes the program size to over 140k. Normally programs for the lathes are 1k at most, we never have problems with the lathes. Normally the Haas machine programs are not that big so I don't have any issues, but i have had a few programs that were over 150k or larger and Every time we try to load those larger programs we don't get any errors but we will get duplicate lines in the program. I found this out because as i was proving a program out i just posted and the machine was gouging into my part, then i noticed there was 3 lines of code exactly the same in a row. I didn't look right, so i sent that program back to my computer to make it easier to see and with the CNC editor i can compare two files and it will tell me if there are any differences. There were a few dozen duplicate lines in there. Anyone ever had this problem? Is there a file size limitation or buffer issue with using RS-232 to send large files?

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