Hi all. New member here - while I've googled this comprehensively, I've not found a clear answer yet, so forgive me if this is old hat.

I'm trying to resurrect an SCM Record 220 with a NUM 1040 controller on it - AFAIK, the control system works fine (it's been unpowered for an unknown period of time though - here's hoping the onboard batteries aren't dead!), although all of our other machines are networked and this one doesn't have the option. We'd previously had this machine tethered to a PC that doesn't exist anymore by a USB to RS232 adapter, which trailed across the shop floor. This was, as is fairly obvious, less than ideal. As such, I had the bright idea of trying to use a Raspberry Pi as effectively a GCode spooler, which receives files and then drip-feeds them to the CNC controller.

So far, I've determined that the serial stream will need to be at 9600 baud with 7 data bits, 1 stop bit at even parity, using RTS for flow control. Beyond that, I'm not 100% sure of what is needed, so I'm going to have to experiment a bit with the machine - I think I'm probably just going to try and send it a very simple program, like lower the hood, wait 5 secs, raise the hood, just to make sure that I can at least communicate with the machine, while not tempting fate by asking it to move large and expensive components at unknown speeds.

Am I missing anything important so far?

With regards to software, I'm thinking minicom or a variant thereof being the serial program on the rPi, and it'll have an asp-driven interface or similar to be able to take files over the network.

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