There is a group of us on another forum that is trying to find a capable and willing CNC shop that can CNC machine the star on a Captain America shield.

There have been many replicas made over the years, but none of them have a machined star into them like the original movie Hero Prop does.

Basics of the shield blank are roughly 3x26x26 for an end result of 24-25"

Does anyone know of a shop that has the skills and ability to machine this star into the blank before turning it to then create the shield?

Also we want that "spun" aluminum look, which I think can be done as a final step?

There is a tooling die already made to make the shield, which should make it easier for the shop to help create this project.

The wall we seem to be running into with the shops that have been contacted is that none of them want to or can CNC the star in the shield first.

Thank you!

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