My company is designing an antenna positioner for antenna testing. This will require large discs to be cut from non-metallic sheets. The discs will be 1/2" thick and 36.8" in diameter and will have several small (1/4") holes as well as slots and other features. The two main materials we are considering are GPO-3 and delrin. Each machine will have two of these discs. Our plan is to start by building one machine (2 discs) and eventually build approximately 10-20 units (20-40 discs) per year. We have had trouble finding a vendor to make these parts for a low cost due to difficulty machining GPO-3 and the high material cost of delrin.

If you are interested in quoting these parts, please contact me and I will send you more details.


Daniel Myers
Associate Mechanical Engineer
Ciholas, Inc
3700 Bell Road
Newburgh, IN 47630
email: daniel.myers@ciholas.com
phone: (812) 962-9438

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