I'm 100% new to cutting wood on anything CNC; I'd like to lean on you guys as subject matter experts. I work primarily in copper and steel on the full-time side.

I've been making wooden toys as a side gig. Right now, my routing is the following:

Op Work center Operation PN
1 Receiving Receive raw material 00110006
2 Chop saw Chop raw material to length
3 Band saw Draw and cut outline
4 Router table Router edges to rough shape
5 Table sander Sand curves and faces
6 Finish sand bench Finish sand 00110007
7 Drill press Drill edges of inlet
8 Router table Finish cut inlet
9 Drill press Drill holes
10 Staining bench Stain , all but contact surface 00110008
11 Assembly bench Screw/wood glue
12 Drying rack Allow glue to dry
13 Assembly bench Assemble 00020004
14 Packaging bench Package 00010004
15 Ship rack Store and ship

So, I chop a 2"X8"X8' pine into chunks, cut the outline on a band saw (about 30" long), rough cut some of the edges on a router table using a fillet tool with a bearing (not CNC), do a ton of rough and finish work on a table sander, cut a slot and drill some holes. I also have a dowel I slot and cut in a few spots that gets assembled onto this, and some minor parts that ideally would go on a laser. Overall cycle time for a complete assembly is 2 hours. If I wanted to meet the demand I'm hoping to satisfy, we're talking about 5 people, 40 hours a week, and likely more equipment.

I would really like to "automate" the band saw cutting as it's the longest cycle time next to rough sanding. It's probably around 80" length of cutting to complete. Is there such thing as a CNC scroll saw? What's out there? Any cool tools that might make short work of this?

Also, is there a common system for CNC router tool changers or quick change tooling? My mill is a BT30 (not suited for this sort of work), but last I checked it wasn't usually worth the time and effort to have a router with a tool changer.


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