I recently purchased a used General International I-Carver 40-915x. I have had some mild success cutting scrap plywood using aspire/vcarve from the previous owner. I was hoping someone here could give me more information about this machine than I got from the previous owner and the arguably terrible manual I found for it. My biggest concerns are the speed and feed controls and the actual handheld controller. Does anyone here know if the feed speed and spindle speed can actually be changed in the gcode that aspire makes? It seems like regardless of the spindle speed in the gcode the machine spins the spindle at max rpm, 21,000 rpm per the manual. On the same note it has 4 feed speed settings in the manual and on the machine, but they don't match. The fastest feed speed per the manual is 118 inches per minute, but measured on the machine it is closer to 51 inches per minute give or take my stopwatch reflexes. Does any of this sound correct?

As far as the machine controller, it has a handheld controller that reads the gcode off of a usb drive that plugs into the back of the machine. I do like the offline standalone controller because I don't want my computers in a dust woodshop. Is there anything similar on the market today that wouldn't be too difficult to connect and make work? I looked under the hood so to speak and it only has 3 components in the black box/non handheld portion of the controller. One is the powersupply, the second looked to be a spindle control circuit board, and the third is a motion controller circuit board (I'm assuming). The third one was wired to the stepper motors, limit switches, usb receptacle, and to the handheld controller. Is there any modern controllers that could be made to work with this machine without a huge hassle or cost?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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