I run a Biesse Rover C9 that has thrown errors 629 and 630, which are the axis on equipment limiter up and down. These errors showed up on my screen for all of my axis's at the same time. We couldn't get the machine to clear the errors as it threw it into emergency status and the only way the maintenance department here could "fix" the issue was to do a hard restart.
I was told that it did that because the machine had over traveled... To me, this sounds like a switch/sensor error. At the time of the errors being thrown, my Rover was in process of switching tools in the carriage and I noticed an insufficient pressure message pop up for about 10 seconds before the machine threw the 629 and 630 errors. Am I correct to assume it is a switch that isn't triggering and the machine is timing out when trying to change out tools, or am I completely off base?