I'm not sure if this is the right section (there are so many!) and before post I did a search, but perhaps I didn't use the right words.

In a few days I will receive my new machine and I'm equipping my lab with the mandatory accessories. I bought a dust collector (Holzmann Absaugung ABS 850) but for a mistake (my fault) the noise level is louder than expected. It's hard to find anything below 70 dB, so I'm going to keep it and try to reduce its noise. I live in a flat and I cannot use it as is.

I wonder if a DIY cabin closed on each side with sound proof panels of 50 mm polyurethane would be enough to cut the noise of 10-12 dB.
I found a lot of such a panels but they say are for musical studios and their primary application is to "clean" the sound. I'm not sure what type of panels I should buy to maximize the acoustic isolation though the cabin.

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