I'm reaching out to get some troubleshooting ideas concerning a 1980's DOALL C1213A band saw I recently acquired.
The saw basically operates the way it seems it should, but there's two issues I'd like some help with.....

#1. Length repeatability/accuracy. What would be considered acceptable/normal length variations between cuts ?
Using 1" RD CRS for testing, we're seeing upwards of 3/32" variation from piece to piece.
What is the most likely cause of length variations ?
Vises are adjusted as close as possible to work diameter.
Hydraulic pressure is at factory setting.
The index vise travels between two limit switches and these seem solidly attached and in good working order.
The saw frame seems rigid and no lateral movement is visible.

#2. Parts counter function. Does the parts counter physically "count down" as the pieces are cut, or is supposed to just shut off after the desired quantity of parts are cut ?
Either way, our machine counter does not count down, nor does it stop after the desired quantity is cut. However the machine will not run with counter set to zero.

Thanks in advance for any help and tips

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