I recently bought old, working lathe and started to renovate it (sealing, oil change, cleaning, clearance adjustments, new wiring, lubrication, painting etc...). But i have a problem to determine what brand and type of lathe it is...I dont have any documentation and unfortunatelly there is no label on it except lever labels and they are in german - so my guess would be Germany/Austria.

Some HINTS: This lathe has clutch with epicyclic gearing - located externally on the driven pulley, as can be seen on the photos. It has no oil pump - oil is distributed through splashing. Max spindle RPM is 250. Weight is around 2700kg and lenght is around 3,6m. Turning lenght is 1500mm, turning diameter 500mm. And since the screw threads are metric, i would guess, that it could be from 40´- 50´.

I would like to know more about this lathe - especially the gearshift chart of the norton gearbox levers. Any help would be very appreciated!


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