Any one out there have experience with a GE 1050 control or doing a retro fit on a Lathe that has one I have a LeBlond Servo shift that is pretty nice Iron has been in storage for twenty plus years Came from Government surplus . A Salesman that said he sold the control back in the 80's and he said they affectingly referred to it as the Altzsimers 5000. I want to get it powered up and see if the basic mechanical parts all function properly then move on it has hand wheel/resolvers for the X&Z a four position turret with eight tool locations, Encloser D 1 Spindle and #5 Taper tailstock the only thing I wish it had was a bigger through Hole only 1.625" Any one with Experience Good,Bad or indifferent would be appreciated Thanks Now time to go work on snow blower Kevin

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