Hi every one, we have some lathes (without 4th axis capabilities) that work with fanuc controllers (0i-model D) except for the spindle wich use a vfd (delta brand) for commanding the motor. I want to know if is posible in this kind of lathes to use some functionality to rotate the spindle by some angle. I know there is lots of threads that talk about M19 command, but this lathes don't have that M code programmed or it is blocked (once you put it on MDI it stuck on that line).
If someone knows a way to make M19 work (maybe its blocked by some parameter), or some insights (maybe it can't be done), anithing would be aprecciated.
The machines are a clever CKE6136 and clever CY-K510n/1000.
Thanks in advanced. Regards from Argentina!

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