Hello all,
I am Sam, new to this website and CNC world as a matter of fact. Like most of us,in my journey I have come to a point where I am building a CNC mill from what I have got on me hands and some new parts.
I found a old Euro style universal mill and decided to convert it to CNC with linear guide on all X,Y,Z grounded ballscrews with directly coupled to big servos and a 7.5kw electrospindle. I have laid the design and components , did my calculations and came up with a list that should serve the purpose of milling Aluminum only. not trying to make it universal but only aluminum.

i have a question regarding Y axis. The Mill had a knee length of 590 mm in y axis and i would like to have a little longer Y to suit my needs. I am pondering few ideas including sourcing a scrap heavy base and put my z column on it and another idea is to machine drill and tap the top of base and screw two 3''x 3" steel lengths all the way from rear to desired length . The ends would be protruding out of base by approx 250-275mm and will be supported on ground by two levelling feet at the end. I plan to use 30 mm preloaded linear guides on Y ,doing so gives me longer y axis than knee top and i can spread them apart in x direction and can support a longer X travel. i am shrugging away from welding the lengths there , being it cast iron and them tampering and lots of transport and extra expenses. Mill sitting right now is a tonne with everything removed except the column from the base and thats pretty solid for it to hold weight , not sure if such a practice would incude chatter at the further outer end. The latter being cheaper and quicker i am leaning towards it and wanted to have an idea from brain trusts.
I am not sure if that sounds crazy?

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