Hello Forum,

I have looking for some help with a 626VM3 model CIMR-VMW2022, basically the 200volt version of the spindle drive. Over the past year the drive at power on does not come up. In that the 7segment display that gives the error codes and such just stays unpowered. When trying to bring up the rest of the machine(Matsuura RA-3F) I get a spindle pg error. Basically the drive is not on. If I sit and wait like 10 minutes with the main power on but the power on the controls has not been pushed the drive will come on. The display will turn on then then I can power the machine with the controls and it works normally. I can wait 10 minutes, but Im sure this problem will continue to get worse. I cant tell if this is some kind of self heating issue where it powers up after something makes a connection on some power supply or what. I was thinking it might be a 24vdc power supply that has bad caps, but it seems like after coming on I would have an error message if the supply voltages were out side of their limits. I know there is at least one thermistor I found on one heat sink. I have not messed with any of that stuff as of yet. Trying to get a internal wiring diagram from Yaskawa for the gets of VM3 is not possible or so it seems. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughs one what to check in side that thing or wiring diagrams for the guys, and or schematics for them.

Thank you for any help!!

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