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    Default How to machine this on manual mill

    Need some insight on how to go about Machining the two front bosses and front arc.

    I'm using a cheap grizzly mill. I was thinking about doing the following

    1. Center rotary table to end mill

    2. Scribe a center point between the 2 screw holes and the locating bosses

    3. Mount cross slide vise to rotary table

    4. Mount part in vise and aline center point to end mill. Perfectly over center point of rotary table.

    This should allow me to say move .5" on the x and .250 on y and machine the front locating boss because it would be directly over the middle of rotary table.

    Then move -.5 on y and do the other one

    Then move - on x to machine the screw holes

    Return to center to machine thw three inch radius.

    Does this sound like it will work? Does a cross slide vice even have a scale?

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    I have 2 alternate methods in mind to machine the locating dowels, that's what I am going to call them at least :P Apart from those the rest seems pretty straight forward.

    1. If you have an adjustable boring head you can reverse it to machine the outside of the dowels. So basically you are mounting the cutter facing the inside and adjusting inwards with each pass.

    2. Depending on how accurate these need to be you might find a Rota broach annular cutter to suit (see attached pic). Obviously you would have to consider how much material it takes from the outside as well. Also when using this type of cutter feed slowly, they do a nice job but if your machine is not solid they can get the wobbles up.

    The less you have to move the stock from its original mounting the less room for error

    How to machine this on manual mill-broach-cutter-jpg

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How to machine this on manual mill

How to machine this on manual mill