Over the last six months I have tried MasterCAM, SolidCAM, BobCAD CAM for SolidWorks, VisualCAM for SolidWorks, SolidWorks CAM by CAMWorks as well as HSMWorks. The bottom line is I bought HSMWorks. It is $500 a year, but they gave me the first year for $300. I found SolidCAM a bit more capable, but it was more like $5000 for a perpetual license, so the HSMWorks is better for me, an individual, not a business that can pass the software on to someone else.

I did a 40-minute video roundup of all the packages:

I also did a long article about the six programs:
SolidWorks CAM-Quest 2020 - Media

I tried to evaluate HyperMill but they told me they did not want a new user making videos abut their software. I assume it is as hard to use as MasteCAM, which I found very hard to use, hard to remember, and expensive. They also told me Hypermill was over $10k, maybe just to blow me off, so sorry, no report on Hypermill for SolidWorks.

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