This is not intended as an F360 bashing. As the saying goes: "There's nothing quite so expensive as free." The changes they have made are forcing me (and I suspect others) to look for an alternative. That is why I am asking for suggestions here. I had already bought a CAD-Package (DesignCAD) before I started using F360 but it does not include CAM. What I need isn't all that complicated and I am willing to pay for software. I just don't want to have to rent it or buy it new every year. This is what I'm looking for:

  • 3D Roughing
  • 3D pocket including boring
  • 3D finishing including contour, parallel, and spiral tool paths
  • engraving
  • Drilling including spot drilling
  • Chamfering
  • I have just built a 4th axis so continuous 4th axis (wrapping) is also needed.
  • At some point, I will be adding ATC so this should also be supported.
  • Runs in Windows

Although I will be using it in my business, it isn't something I use to make money. I mill maybe 2 or 3 parts per month. That is why rental programs like F360 are out of the question. I've looked at all of the packages listed as forum titles but they all seem to fall into 2 categories: too expensive (includes "get a quote" and rental schemes) or too limited (no 4th axis and some only 2.5). Please correct me if I'm wrong. My budget is max 500.- €/$.

Again, this isn't the tread to complain about F360 changes. There are already threads for that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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