Hope I'm posting this to the proper forum.

I have large pipe penetrations in a structural beam that the PythonX software does not read. Some are 6"Ø, and some rectangular cut outs of 6x12. The round holes are not being read properly but the rectangular cut outs are. The steel fabricator got Python support involved and this was the response we received and he's quoting a section from the dstv standards as follows.

Page 3 of the DSTV standard:

“one Hole, which can be described by the Bloc BO , can only be described by this Bloc.

The use of the Bloc IK (Internal Contour) is in this case totally forbidden.”

As far as I can tell, and correct me if I'm wrong. The data is being written to the IK block as contours using arcs to form the hole. This Python guy is claiming using the IK block for holes is forbidden? That's his interpretation? I believe what that standard is saying is that tooling data of a drilled hole can not be in the IK block...I agree, does everyone else?. I do not see anywhere in the standards that says contours can not be used in the IK block to form a hole. The other side of this is that Atek Steel Solutions, Vortman, and Peddinghause reads the file just fine but Python does not. Is Python support right? My hunch says they're misinterpreting the standards.

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