I don't usually fall for flash ads while on the net but I came across one for solidface who " for a limited time are giving free 3d cad subscriptions to a limited number " . I figured why not give it a try I'm always open to a new cad product . Even though the subscription was free they wanted a credit card number , so foolishly I gave mine . The next month I was charged 120 bux from solidface . It turns out they bumped me to a premium account but what the sign up gave me was a 2d cad product and not the 3d that was promised .

I'm no sucker and I'm not one to drop my credit card number all over the internet , but this time I've been suckered . I know these guys have been around for quite some time which is why I thought they were trust worthy .
I contacted them and they promised a refund , one that was going to take up to 3 months to process , apparently due to covid which we all know is bs . When I challenged him on it I got an auto reply and nothing else . 3 months later I got nothing !
I'm protected on my visa against these things and it'll go to the fraud department , so it's not a big deal . And if I lost it then it would have been a lesson learned , it's not going to break me .

Looking online recently it appears a lot of people had been burned on the exact same deal

I've always been against subscription based software and I think it should be a one shot purchase . This just solidifies that for me

Anyhow I'm posting this as a warning and not a woe is me post

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