Hi All,

I am looking for a CAD software which would have a feature of auto packing 3D objects in a specific 3D volume.

More specifically, I have a 3D CAD box 100mmx100mmx100mm. I have also 3D CAD model of a product i.e. 13mmx13mmx9mm (with rounded edges). I need to fill 3D CAD box 100mmx100mmx100mm with randomly arranged 3D CAD models of a product.

I remember that such auto pack/fill (of products) options are available in software used to program CNC laser or plasma cutting machines (for 2D sheets of metal), for CNC punching machines, etc.
I wondered whether there exist corresponding features in some software for 3D objects. In such a 3D software, I could define some boundary conditions for packing (such as max and min spacing between objects) and get them automatically arranged in requested virtual volume (box).

Can you help me with this guys, please.
I would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you.

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