Hi all.

I have two issues with Xilog Writer Cad from SCM.

The History:
Despite my best efforts scouring the internet, I can't find any info to help me.

I'm consulting for a cabinet maker.
They are using an SCM router as part of their process.

A few years back they decided to add milling of text to their repertoire.
They did so my using a a partner program to Xilog Plus, called Xilog Writer cad.
They purchased the software, which included a dongle, which they still have and still functions.

The original website domain is now for sale and appears inactive.
the original email address for the sales team now bounces back.

The new SCM company has not returned numerous messages.
The Problem:
Symantec antivirus did an update and has possibly assassinated some of the core files - on every computer they have.
The software will still load, and will see the dongle, but will no longer save to disk.

Copy/Pasting the directory on disk was the method that has been used to copy the installation between machines successfully in the past, and has been the method used to back it up.

This is how the original install media was lost.
The software doesn't seem to care about registry entries and the likes.
What I need:
I'm looking for a disc image or similar of the original install media.
registration is not an issue as we have a dongle.

I greatly appreciate your time on this matter.