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Without the same precision as true CAD you also have 3d art software. Blender 3d (Free) is a monster to learn but has amazing capabilities for making STL, OBJ and bas relief depth map/gray scale images that can be ported to cnc software. I've been using it for 6 years and really enjoy making cnc patterns with it.
Yeah, Blender is a monster to learn, but ultimately probably worth the effort.

There are a few guides on this site which show you how to model involute gears ( properly ) and even hypoid bevel gears. They are more attuned to 3D printing them but I guess once you have the 3D model you program it to GCODE too. Though some of those hypoids would probably need a 4th axis to cut.

In any case the renditions are outstanding.

Otvinta.com -- Involute Gear Calculator