I have an old atlas lathe I have to grind hss tools for. Just the typical day to day random hobby stuff, aluminum, steel, brass, and plastic. I'm still learning the best ways to sharpen bits for my lathe. My current bigbox store 6" high speed low power grinder sucks and I need an upgrade. I see lots of post talking about how wonderful CBN is but very little information on the proper grit size for metal turning tools.

I have my eye on an 8" 1 HP 1750RPM grinder with a single CBN 80 grit or 180? on one side and a diamond in 180 grit on the other for touching up chipped carbide.

I would love to slap a cbn on my existing grinder but I doubt it will turn it for very long with out burring up. I am also thinking it works good enough for other grinding you would not want to do on a good set of sharpening wheels.

Another option I am considering is building a 2" belt grinder of some sort. I may do that and skip the CBN all together.

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