I hope I can describe this well enough to get an answer. I have a BXA quick change tool holder from my large manual lathe that I want to use on a Tormach RapidTurn set up on my PCNC1100 mill. I have a heavy duty bracket to clamp to the nose of the spindle housing to mount the BXA to. The question I have relates to the direction that the taper moves when it locks up the tool holder. The tools are on the top of the part, the spindle is on the left side, and and the part is spinning counter clockwise when looking at the spindle...... so the cutting force on the tool is toward the operator. If I mount the BXA with the handle toward the operator, and the depth stop on the back side of the BXA wedge quick change, then the taper lock activation movement will be the opposite of a typical set up, I am wondering the the taper lock up is sufficient to resist the cutting forces or will is work loose during operation.

Hope the question makes sense. Putting the handle toward the back of the machine away from the operator side does not allow the handle to swing enough without hitting the z axis casting or the table.

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