Hi Everybody

We have owned a new machine called Matra GA-230 goodway. We've just plugged it on . it gives battery faults .. These are OK. we can solve it. But It gives " Bar Feeder Alarm" 2043. it doesnt have a bar feeder. but it gives this fault and everything stop in emergency mode. Unfortunately we dont have the electical diagram of this socket and we are not sure which pins must be short. Or another question i do some research in this forum some topics suggest 21-24 and 22-23 to short (but these are suggested for other brands)... if i short them and if its wrong what can be done to machine in the worst scenario.we dont have any keep relay parameters too .. does anyone have this machine ? anyone has a electrical data sheet or keep relay parameter for bar feeder?I really need help for turn on this machine. I need any help . thanks.

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