My shop burned to the ground in December last year and took with it pretty much everything I had. I've been looking at mills and lathes and there sure seems to be a lot available out there in the used market. I found the mill I wanted and have already paid for it but the same guy has several other machines that I am looking at also so I can get both of them delivered at the same time
The lathe I am looking at is a 17x45 Clausing Metosa CNC tool room lathe. I really wasn't looking for CNC but this is CNC/manual operation so I figured I could run manual while I get up to speed with CNC. I don't use this stuff for production work just mainly for making parts for the projects I do around my shop, I also do small jobs for a few shops around town.
I'm not very familiar with Clausing other than just hearing the name on different sites once in awhile. The guy said it is in excellent shape and he sent me a video of it up and running. What I'm wondering, is there anyone on here that is fimiliar with this machine and could give me their thoughts. Thanks

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