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    Default Tree 425 A2100 RT board Bios

    Hello everybody,

    This is my first post on this forum and I am hoping someone will be able to help me.

    I made the mistake of replacing the Bios batteries in the A2100 boards. The WS board seems to be operating correctly but I believe the RT board is not. Before replacing batteries the machine had no errors on it, the only issue was the time resetting and it always loaded a known good program. I pulled the whole A2100 out of the machine put it on an antistatic pad, powered it up and replaced the batteries while I had power on. I thought this would help prevent loosing the bios settings, when everything was installed back into the machine I started it, set the time and date and thought everything was good. Everything came up as normal until an error came up of 40-33 output/fuse failure . From what I have found on the forums is this could be caused by the RT board, I pulled the RT board and installed a pci video card, monitor, wired in an AT power supply and used a ps/2 keyboard adapter to plug a keyboard into it. I wired the AT in from what I have seen in forums and pinouts for that style of power supply. I turned power on and get nothing, no video output. I am not sure if I need to do anything additional to get the RT board to power up. If you have any information that might help please let me know. I have pictures of how my WS board Bios settings were and have some of the RT bios setting I found online.

    Thank You

    1999 Tree 425
    RT board 3-424-2169A02
    Bridge Board 35980585
    A2100 Controls Version 3

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Tree 425 A2100 RT board Bios

Tree 425 A2100 RT board Bios

Tree 425 A2100 RT board Bios