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    Yes, I know that.
    I can not solve the tuning of the servo myself.
    1 set 12 mm spindle and nut = 700 Euro
    1 set 10 mm spindle and nut = 120 Euro

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    Cool Re: Kira VTC 30

    Time for a short update again with some pictures.

    I've used the machine a bit lately making usefull stuff at home. I have some customer projects incomming but doing series production is a PITA without a bandsaw so I'm holing back until that arrives First up is a passive cooling block for my 18650 spot welder. Next is a blind holder. The machine is performing great now

    Kira VTC 30-img_2534-jpgKira VTC 30-img_2549-jpg

    I installed a Renishaw TS20 probe on the machine and it's been so great. I tested to probe the same tool 5 times and it repeats down to within +/- 0.00015mm. It's designed for a lathe so I don't have the proper stylus for measuring tools yet. Have to figure out how to install the same gear as a TS27R probe has or just get a TS27R. If I where to install this permanently I need to have a conduit kit (steel braided tubing over the cable) but I can't figure out what kind of kit I need..

    Kira VTC 30-img_2606-jpgKira VTC 30-img_2674-jpg

    Some filter maintenance. I installed this because I saw NYC CNC recommended it in a video. It sure looks like it's working avoiding regrinding of chips that comes with coolant.
    Kira VTC 30-img_2642-jpg

    Filters on cooling fans for VFD and braking resistor was worse than I thought. I didn't have the proper filter material so I just soaked them in soap and let them dry overnight. It can't get any worse than it was ^^
    Kira VTC 30-img_2671-jpg

    Yesterday I got a little helper in the cnc room She was helping out on some probing macros on the whiteboard
    Kira VTC 30-img_2644-jpg

    Updated picture of my desk at the machine. Still lacking a lot but it's getting there At least I can spot the desk after I cleaned up some the other day Back to machining now
    Kira VTC 30-img_2672-jpg

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kira VTC 30-img_2534-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2549-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2606-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2642-jpg  

    Kira VTC 30-img_2644-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2671-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2674-jpg   Kira VTC 30-img_2672-jpg  

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