Hello, I have a Toyoda BM-850 VMC and I sporadically get a “1060 Timeout Monitor” alarm. It used to happen when the machine for sit over the weekend or for like a ½ day. Now the alarm comes up like every other tool change. It appears that when the machine reads which tool pocket to have ready for the next tool change, that the tool magazine doesn’t rotate and just sits there for like 20-50 sec (sometimes it sits longer than other times), so then it kicks on the “1060 timeout monitor” alarm and the entire machines stop then. And if I hit the “reset” hard key, the alarm won’t go away, unless the tool magazine has already rotated to the next tool pocket position. Then I have to go to “edit mode” and restart the particular tool that was running when the alarm occurred. It has even happened to me during a tapping cycle, when the tap was in a part. And that can obviously cause problems and frustrations. So, can you point me in a direction of what to look for, or what switches/relays etc to test, to get this problem figured out? Thanks, Josh.

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