Hello All,

I recently acquired a lightly used Toyoda FA-400 with a Fanuc 16i control. The machine was fully functional before being put into storage, but unfortunately it sat long enough before i got it, for the backup batteries on the servo drives to die. I've powered the machine back up and have new batteries to install. I have some of the service manuals and do see a procedure for re-establishing zero positions after replacing a ball screw which seems pretty involved. I'm hoping it won't be quite that onerous since all that happened is dead batteries. Parameters and ladder are still intact. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the machine back online. Also, in addition to all the low/dead battery alarms, I'm also getting a AL94 PALLET CHANGER AMP. ALARM. Both pallets were removed from machine prior to storage, so I'm hoping it has something do with batteries or the pallets not being there. Any help much appreciated



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